Thursday, September 6, 2012

Progress and Projects

Hey all,

Grad school and freelance have kept me mighty busy the last few years, but it's time for another update.  Here's my current demo reel:

from Paul A. Tillery IV on Vimeo.

I should note two things credit-wise for the last two lizard animations:
  • In the second-to-last piece, I was responsible for all visual elements except the apple and petal models, which were free downloads from
  • In the final piece, the apples were again from TurboSquid; the BG card and IBL map were provided by Virginia Wissler, whose new book Illuminated Pixels is an excellent resource for lighters.  I was responsible for the character, the lighting beyond IBL, and the final composite in Nuke.
Aside from the reel, here are some images of what I've been doing:
(Click one to enter a slideshow.)

Thanks for looking!

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